PTC GROUP, a leading name in the automotive industry, welcomes prospective representatives to join our network. With a rich history of over three decades and a strong presence in the Middle East, CIS, and UAE, specifically in Dubai and Sharjah, we specialize in the import, export, and distribution of high-quality automotive tyres, rims, batteries, and safety accessories. Our extensive portfolio includes renowned brands such as GT-RADIAL, LENSO, MINERVA, SUPERIA, VAKAYAMA, KAPSEN, HABILEAD, PTC WHEELS, CYRUS WHEELS, LENSO WHEELS, O.Z WHEELS, and SPARCO Accessories.



Beyond Borders, PTC GROUP's Influence Extends across the Middle East and CIS Countries, Solidifying our Position as a Pivotal Player in the Regional Automotive Landscape. Fueled by Consistent Quality, Unmatched Service, and an Unyielding Drive for Automotive Excellence, we have Earned the Trust and Loyalty of our Esteemed Customers.


To become a PTC GROUP representative, certain prerequisites must be met:

  1. Conduct local research and arrange visits by PTC experts as per the specified program.
  2. Provide the following documents:
    • Union trade license for tire and tire service sales.
    • A copy of your office, service center, or lease agreement, or a copy of the shop's deed.
    • Copy of National ID.
    • A designated storage facility registered in the system.
  3. Demonstrate experience in the tire, rim, and automotive industry.
  4. Proficiency in computer usage, including standard software like Excel, email, WhatsApp, etc.
  5. Represent other foreign or domestic companies (with relevant documentation).
  6. Possess relevant educational certificates related to the tire industry, especially in tire selection.
  7. Maintain a good reputation within your local business community.
  8. Ensure financial stability, including the ability to meet monthly purchase obligations to achieve targets (sales objectives).
  9. Comply with all government and legal requirements for trade and commerce in your region.


At the end of each evaluation period, PTC GROUP assesses its representatives. The following criteria may lead to the cancellation of representation:

  1. Failure to adhere to sales strategies and non-execution of required tasks outlined by our Sales and Financial department.
  2. Inability to achieve sales targets.
  3. Market disruption due to price manipulation, undercutting, or other non-compliant actions.
  4. Legal or security issues.
  5. Neglecting updates, especially in terms of "anti-advertising" requirements for brands and company objectives.
  6. Inability to pay for company purchases.

We look forward to expanding our network of representatives and working with dedicated professionals who share our commitment to quality and excellence.


If you meet the representation requirements and are interested in representing PTC GROUP, please complete the application form below.

Representation Application Form


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    Please include any additional comments or information that you believe would be relevant to your representation application*

    Please attach copies of the following documents:
    Union Trading License for tyre and tyre services
    Copy of office or service center deed or lease agreement
    Copy of ID card - National ID
    Documents of Introduced warehouse
    Copies of any relevant training certificates
    Copies of any licenses or agreements with other companies

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